breeding loving Cavoodles, Cavaliers & border collies

playful & fun loving puppies for the whole family

Working dogs – namely kelpies – have always been a part of the running of the Manley & Ham’s sheep farm – therefore breeding puppies has come second nature to them. A love for the King Charles Cavalier saw them bring Kip, their main sire, into their home in 2017, hence the start of breeding all kinds of good-natured family puppies.

As parents of twins William and Poppy, Elise and Matt found Cavoodles to be an ideal breed that they could integrate with their young family. Matt had also always had Border Collies, hence the purchase of Winnie and Sage, to help Matthew with the cattle. So more recently the Hams have expanded from breeding just Cavoodles to also breeding Bordoodles, Cavaliers and the occasional purebred Border Collie.

a Cavoodle is often the missing puzzle piece in people’s lives

Cavoodles have a beautiful temperament and are suited to any home, from young children to the elderly and everyone in between. They are fun, loving and adapt to any environment as well as being hypoallergenic. Cavoodles have a playful, affectionate nature and are friendly, sociable and loyal. They take their intelligence from the poodle mixed with the easy-going nature of the King Charles Cavalier.

The Hams have one male at Sanlirra (Kip, a King Charles Cavalier) as well as females (Toy, Miniature Poodles, Border collies & Cavaliers). They also own a half-share in a toy/mini phantom poodle, Chiko, who resides in Adelaide.

When a family or individual is looking for a dog with personality and is loving and sociable, a Cavoodle is often the missing puzzle piece in their lives.

Contact Elise and Matthew if you are interested in adding a Sanlirra Cavooodle to your family too.

From the moment we met Rosie we knew she was the puppy for us. She is the most beautiful natured dog! Rosie met our desire for a family dog as raised in a family home from day one by the wonderful Sanlirra family.

Elise was great in keeping us updated on our furbaby until she was ready to come and live with us… and now we share the updates! If we decide to grow our ‘oodle’ family, we will definitely return to Sanlirra.